2011, working on a mural for Hope Faith Ministries in Kansas City, MO

This blog was created to share my 2-year experience as an Artist-in-Residence in Beijing with friends, family, and anyone who is interested!  My responsibilities will include:

– demonstrate and share personal artwork with students, enabling them to observe the process of a working artist
– inspire students to create their own art by sharing media, techniques, and ideas
– organize exhibitions within the school
– work with teachers to encourage awareness of design principles and develop large art projects appropriate to the curriculum
– design promotional materials for school events, school motto/mission, and school philosophy
– to initiate art that reflects the environment and current world issues
– to encourage an aesthetically pleasing and creative school environment

I have been fortunate to display some of my early work around my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, and have sold some pieces.  I have also enjoyed working as a scenic art intern at a couple of theatres in Kansas City and New York.  As a high school art teacher for the last five years, I am more able to reflect upon and explain my processes.  Helping students to make creative decisions and inspiring them to love art is another passion of mine.


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